Raskolnikov plays St. Mazie on Saturday (4/12) at 10 PM

Raskolnikov (a very fun band) is led by Chris Stromquist (a very fun drummer). Also involved are Tim Vaughn (a very fun trombone player), Yoshie Fruchter (a very fun guitarist) and Matt Pavolka (a very fun bass player). We’ll be playing very fun balkan rock and roll with lots of shenanigans. We’ll be playing at St. Mazie (a very fun place) in Williamsburg. www.stmazie.com for more info on that. Sets at 10 and 11:30 or so. 

Quartet @ Barbès – Tuesday April 8th, 7 PM

My quartet will be returning to Barbès as part of our continuing monthly residency on Tuesday April 8th. We’ll have the whole gang – Curtis Hasselbring (trombone), Vinnie Sperrazza (drums) and Matt Pavolka (bass). 

Review in Lucid Culture

Smart Balkan-Tinged Tunesmithing and Improvisation from the Ben Holmes Quartet:

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Trumpeter Ben Holmes’ Quartet is one of those great bands that defies categorization. Rhythmically, they are most defnitely a jazz group; melodically, they encompass everything from Balkan music, to klezmer, to a cinematic sensibility, with plenty of improvisation and elements of both the high Romantic and the avant garde. Over the past couple of years, Continue Reading →

Review in Gapplegate Music Review

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There is a subset to contemporary jazz that is avant in a slightly different way than flat-out free jazz: there is often a modern compositional bent with evolved rhythmic and harmonic complexities in the head structures that are very contrasting to the sort of symmetrical and short phrases bop favored, and tend to be more evolved than some of the fully free improvisers’s setup motifs. The compositional element can often extend beyond the head format and come into play at any point in what otherwise would be the solo routines. Continue Reading →